Data and codes for meta-analysis

This platform serves as a digital repository for meta-analysis methods and applications co-authored by researchers at the Institute of Economic Studies, Charles University, Prague. Meta-analysis, the quantitative approach to research synthesis, was originally developed in experimental medicine. In economics, meta-analysis proves useful for calibrating structural models, correcting publication bias, and tracing differences in the results of primary studies to their contextual backgrounds. The papers presented here span numerous fields and have been published in journals such as the Review of Economics and Statistics, Journal of the European Economic Association, and Journal of International Economics.

A new meta-analysis approach robust to publication bias, p-hacking, and spurious precision:
Meta-Analysis Instrumental Variable Estimator (MAIVE)

Concise, nontechnical, step-by-step guidelines on how to do a meta-analysis:
The Practitioner’s Guide to Modern Meta-Analysis

Macroeconomics Micro and experimental economics Energy and environmental economics International economics Labor and education economics Financial economics
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